The Customer Center is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) desktop app that offers a single point of contact for interaction with customers. It gives front office sales personnel a portal where daily call schedules, call metrics, customer information, performance metrics, and new order entry are all readily available.

eoTouchX Merchandiser is a mobile application that runs on both Android and iOS devices designed for merchandisers to assist with sales-related incentives and duties. To view the full documentation, please Click Here.

This is an advanced training module on Sales Support topics, which contains training outlines, videos, quizzes, and tests on a variety of deep dive topics. 

This course focuses on the customer service activities that take place during the presold delivery stage. These include pulling up accounts, making order changes, obtaining a customer's signature, and printing invoices.

This course provides an overview to eoMobile's presell functionality. You will look at how to begin your service, start and save an order, use build-tos and counts to represent par levels, modify shelf sequences, view order history, make changes to prices, look up available promos, force promos, and bump order quantities.

This course provides an overview to eoTablet's features and function. Learn how to sync and upload your data, use Run Route to pull up your customers, change the service date, search for customers, void an entry, and access additional presell features and functionality.